Your Upcoming Move and the Coronavirus

We have updated our internal mask policy in accordance with the new guidance from the CDC. At this point, if our movers are able to provide proof of vaccination, we are no longer requiring them to wear masks during the move. Those that are unvaccinated will still be wearing masks during initial walkthrough and close out of the move.

For more information on the status of our operations, steps we are taking to alleviate risks,and what you should do to be prepared, see below

Keeping You Safe During Your Move

Mask Avaliable
Upon Request

Hand Washing

Work Shifts


Clean Trucks

What We Are Doing

  1. Each mover on our team has their temperature checked with a no-contact thermometer before your move to ensure we are not sending anyone out that has a fever

  2. Automated messaging to our crews throughout the day to wash hands and avoid touching face.

  3. Requiring employees that exhibit symptoms to stay at home and providing paid sick leave so they are not incentivized to return to work early

  4. Implemented work from home policies for our office staff

  5. New morning procedures and scheduling practices to keep teams isolated and reduce our mover's exposure to the smallest number of people possible.

  6. We have supplied each of our team members with cloth masks. If you would prefer your movers to wear masks, they are available upon request. Just let us know!

  7. IF RAINING: if we are moving during rain or storms, we may not be able to keep our masks on as breathing becomes incredibly difficult once the masks become wet/soiled.

  8. GLOVES: We do not wear gloves while moving. The disposable gloves do not hold up during a move and non disposable options just provide opportunities to cross contaminate customers when moves are conducted back to back. We have found a consistent regimen of hand washing is the safest option.

What You Can Do

  1. Let us know if you are showing symptoms - As your move date approaches please let us know if you are running a fever and/or if you are suffering from flu like symptoms. We trust that you will keep us informed either through email or by calling to let us know in advance so we can make a decision on a case by case basis if your move should be postponed. If you need to cancel or reschedule, remember we have zero cancellation or reschedule fees so don't hesitate to give our office a call.

  2. Practice Social Distancing - In observance to the possibilities of coronavirus spreading, we apologize in advance for not shaking hands with you. Please make sure to give our moving team space as they operate within your home or office.

  3. Prep Home in Advance - We ask that you help prep your home or office in advance to our moving team showing up by disinfecting major surfaces, furniture items and appliances, and high traffic areas to limit as much exposure to our team as possible.

  4. Keep Doors and Windows Open - In residential move settings when available, we ask that our customers open (and leave open) outside doors and windows to increase air circulation before and during the move process.

  5. Please wear a mask and gloves while our movers are working. Our movers will be wearing masks on site during initial walkthroughs and closing contracts and we ask that our customers do as well during these times.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to a give us a call anytime We look forward to working with you soon. We hope this abundance of caution helps to make sure you and yours are settled into your new home or office safe and sound.


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